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Precise Unit Valuation

We provide unit valuations that strike a balance between maximizing income and maintaining low vacancy rates, optimizing to the overall profitability and success. Our valuation process considers location, size, amenities, condition, and prevailing market conditions to arrive at an informed and reliable rental value.

Complete Marketing Process

Offering comprehensive full-service leasing entails managing all aspects of the rental process for property owners. This includes advertising, tenant screening, lease agreements, and collecting funds. By taking care of these responsibilities, we provide property owners with a hassle-free experience while ensuring optimal occupancy rates. 

Comprehensive Tenant Screening

We are committed to offering a meticulous tenant screening process for prospective renters. With comprehensive rental references, credit history evaluations, and employment / income verification, we ensure that our clients find reliable and trustworthy tenants. Our thorough screening process fosters a secure and harmonious renting experience for both property owners and tenants, maintaining the integrity and value of the properties we manage.  

SFAA Lease Agreement Using Proprietary Addendums

We implement the latest iteration of the SFAA lease agreement, accompanied by tailor-made addendums crafted exclusively for property owners. Our specialized documentation ensures clarity, compliance, and protection, adhering to industry standards while meeting the distinctive requirements of each property.

Vertex Property Management & Leasing Experts

Taking the stress out of property management.